Your knowledge of geology will be assessed through 2 in-class, hands-on, practical exams which include mastery of certain laboratory skills and 5 micro on-line exams divided into SET I (before Midterm) and SET II (before Final). While labs in this course are optional, they carry extra credit and prepare you for said exams.

Exams & Labs

ALL materials in the Mineral / Rock ID Kit required for this course minus any written or printed material can be used during the Practical exams.


Remember, there are extra credit labs available. You can improve your final grade by a whole letter grade if you do them all and do them well!

Lab Exam Reviews

You can access reviews for each Exam by clicking  below:

Disclaimer: These reviews are courtesy of the instructor. While care has been taken to include everything that might be tested, omissions or oversights may have occurred. The instructor shall NOT be liable for any missed answer on your part just because the topic is not explicitly mentioned. It is still the STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to know and be able to use concepts addressed during lectures, labs, or required texts.

SET I Mineral Micro Exam

SET I Rock Micro Exam

SET II Geo. Hazards Micro Exam

SET II Geo. Time & Correlation Micro Exam

SET II Geo. Structure & Map Micro Exam

The Extra Credit Lab Assignments

You can earn up to 10% additional credit by turning in your completed labs. While these labs are optional it is highly recommended to complete these assignments. Ultimately some exams include skills attained during these lab exercises. The lab assignments are found in the downloadable Laboratory Manual and individually on the same webpage. Which labs to do for extra credit is outlined in the course syllabus.


Practical in-class Exams: 2 closed book / notes examinations of 100 pts each testing practical and laboratory skills in mineral and rock identification.

Online Micro Exams: 5 open book / notes examinations of 50 pts each testing theoretical knowledge and geological problem solving. These exams are posted at certain times / dates and can be accessed by clicking here or on the ONLINE EXAMS button above.

Midterm and Final Exam (optional): closed book / notes exams of 100 pts each. See syllabus or the Midterm & Finals tab for details.

DEADLINE: To receive Extra Credit for completed labs, the indicated lab section must be completed and turned in by the published deadline (See syllabus or course schedule)! No Labwork will be accepted / graded past those deadlines!!!

Rock ID Practical Exam

Mineral ID Practical Exam