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The course studies the materials of the earth, its structure, surface features and the geologic processes involved in its development. It includes laboratory experience. During the class you will learn the basic theories, concepts, and assumptions utilized in geology. Beginning with the study of common minerals, their abundance and formation, we will delve into igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks and their rock forming processes, sedimentary environments, and continue through theory of plate tectonics, to land forms, maps and map reading, geological structures, finally finishing with geologic hazards such as earthquakes, and the geologic time and history of the earth. Fieldtrip(s) are required for this course, some selfguided.

The purpose of this site is to help students obtain the tools necessary to be successful in my classes. Here you will find the class syllabus, the general class content, Mineral Rock Field Project, heads up for the final exam and downloads to useful links and activities.

Since the class is NOT A CORRESPONDENCE CLASS, you will NOT find in these pages: answers to assignment questions; duplicates of special handouts; postings of my power point lectures; etc. To receive the full benefit, you WILL HAVE TO ATTEND!

GEL1010 - Physical Geology



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