There are six (5) online textbook chapter quizzes (10 pts.).  These quizzes can be taken only ONCE: First Submittal Counts!

The quizzes are designed to be taken whenever you feel that you are ready.

Deadline: All quizzes must have been taken by LAST DAY OF CLASS excluding finals week! See course schedule for due date!

Quizzes are composed of 10 Multiple Choice or Multiple Response Questions (1pt per question). The FOLLOWING RULES APPLY:


  1. Open book, open notes quizzes ☺!
  2. You must take the quizzes by YOURSELF. No help from a third party or taking the quizzes together with others is allowed! (Believe me, in most cases I know and are able to prove it. You will be nailed for academic dishonesty and likely will fail the class. It is NOT worth the risk!)
  3. You are NOT ALLOWED to print, copy or save the quizzes or share the quizzes with others. (Infractions constitute academic fraud and will be reported.)
  4. An unfinished quiz can NOT be saved. If you close the quiz / browser, ALL answers will be lost.
  5. The quizzes are NOT timed. However, quiz versions change occasionally, randomly and sporadically during the testing period. Reopening a quiz may give you a new and different test.
  6. The quizzes can NOT be reviewed after grading. They are designed to establish proficiency in understanding the college material and NOT intended as a study guide. (If you need quizzes about this topic to review, please take the practice quizzes in the book)

Disclaimer: We will NOT be able to cover every chapter assigned nor everything in every chapter during class due to time constraints. With some of these chapter quizzes you will be completely on your own.

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A WORD OF CAUTION: The probability for receiving a passing grade on these online quizzes requires a minimum concentrated study time investment of at least 4 hours per quiz. The SQ3R method is an excellent way of getting the most out of your textbook study and to prepare for any chapter exam. A detailed SQ3R study guide can be found at .

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