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Kackstaetter, U.R., 2016, Physical Geology Laboratory E-Manual, Free Edition. (click to download)

Mineral / Rock Lab ID & Sample Kit A, B and C. Inquire at the Department or Instructor

Lutgens, F.K., Tarbuck, E.J., & Tasa, T.J., 2015, Essentials of Geology; 12th  edition, Prentice Hall, ISBN: 9780321947734.

Drawing Compass, Colored Pencils

Grading in Physical Geology - GEL1010

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Attendance & Student Responses will be tracked using the I-clicker interactive student response system.  The timely purchase of the device is REQUIRED in order to earn full participation points.


If you forget your clicker or do not have one (NOT recommended), you MUST sign  a special roll in order to receive at least partial credit for attending class (Lowest score of the day minus 10%). Points can NOT be assigned retroactively !!!

The extra credit LAB assignments make it possible to earn up to 100 additional points, thus giving a theoretical total of 1100 points for this class. However, it is imperative that a student must do extremely well in all assessments in order to receive over 1000 points. For most students the indicated extra credit will just improve their grade.

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A+ > 990

A = 900-990

A- = 895-899

B+ = 870-894

B= 800-869

B- = 795-799

C+ = 770-794

C = 700-769

C- = 695-699

D+ = 670-694

D = 600-669

D- = 595-599

F = ≤ 594 points