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GEL4250 Hydrogeology

PARTICIPATION / ATTENDANCE (100 pts): Attendance & Student Responses will be tracked using the I-clicker interactive student response system.  The timely purchase of the device is REQUIRED in order to earn participation points (approx. 3.3pts/class session during regular 15 week semester). If you forgot your clicker, you MUST sign a special roll in order to receive at least partial credit for attending class (Lowest score of the day minus 10% of highest score). For absences see attendance policy in the syllabus.


THE LABS (100 pts):

There are 4 comprehensive lab activities worth 25 pts ea to be completed by the indicated due dates. These labs often require instrumentation and equipment set-up, which may not be available indiscriminately. Be sure to check availability and make arrangements in advance for lab use and set up with the TA, lab coordinator, or instructor. Lab assignment packets can be downloaded from the following links:

Hydrochem Lab 1; Porosity & Permeability Lab 2; Flownets Lab 3; Aquifer Pumping Lab 4


SKILLS EXAMS (50pts): One Math Skills Exam and one Chemistry Skills Exam (25 pts. ea.) is given during the first two weeks of the course. They are designed to check your background and skills necessary to be successful in this course. If you do not receive at least 70% in each of these exams you are encouraged to drop the class and brush up on those knowledge skills before enrolling. You may download a STUDY GUIDE outlining the prerequisite expectations for the course in these areas.

HYDROGEOLOGY EXAMS (300pts): There are also three 100 point Hydrogeology in-class, closed notes, closed book exams. These exams have an engineering as well as conventional concepts component. You must be able to use tools and techniques learned during class and homework time. For your convenience, the following PRACTICE EXAMS are posted online to help you study, test your skills, and review the material:

Water, Permeability, Porosity Practice Exam   

Aquifer Pumping Concepts & Calculations Practice Exam

Hydrochemistry Concepts & Calculations Practice Exam

WARNING: The practice exams are just a sampling of possible questions and are courtesy of the instructor. They do NOT cover ALL material nor type of questions.


The lab accuracy exam is scheduled for the last week of the semester and is administered by last name (see schedule). The test consists of several unknowns that you will need to analyze. Students are strictly graded on how exactly they can reproduce the actual values using proper lab equipment and techniques.

THE PROJECTS (350 pts) (click here to go to projects page).

Two required projects, one professional investigating and report writing assignment worth 200 pts, and one hydrochemical graphing assignment worth 150 pts. These must be turned in by LAST DAY OF CLASS BEFORE FINALS WEEK! Absolutely NO assignment accepted during Finals Week. For details go to the Projects Page!.