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GEL4250 Hydrogeology

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Hydrochemical  Analysis Results

Year / Semester

Raw Data (10x dilution)

Collected Raw Data

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Data on Spring Plaques:

Plaque Data.xls

2009 Fall

2009F Raw.pdf

2009F Raw.csv

2010 Fall

2010F Raw.pdf

2010F Raw.csv

2010 Data.xls

2011 Fall

2011F Raw.pdf

2011F Raw.csv

2015 Fall

2015 Anion.pdf



This professional assignment includes a field test component, complete data analysis of collected data, and a thorough report  to a county health or civil engineering office which includes the design and lay-out of an onsite waste disposal system.

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Manitou Springs Water Chemistry Graphical Analysis Assignment (150 pts)

Next to investigating water samples from the Manitou Springs mineral waters wells, you will need to do analytical work for SO4 and HCO3, as well as electric conductivity and pH. A spreadsheet of major pertinent cations and anion concentrations in mg/L, mmol, meq. needs to be prepared and cation-anion balance calculations performed. Then the following interpretive graphs from the data need to be prepared, presented, and analyzed.

Perc Test Project Packet (pdf)Graph Paper Packet (pdf)Manitou Springs Packet (pdf)Manitou Springs Template (rtf)Manitou Springs Template (pdf)Dr.K Writing Primer (pdf)How to write a Client Report (link)Sample Client Report (pdf)