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GEL4250 Hydrogeology


This course involves a great deal of math and could qualify as an engineering course. The course description states that GEL1010, CHE1800, and MTH1110 are prerequisits. It is essential that these prerequisits are met. There will be a Math and Chemistry Skills Exam the first week of the course to test your math and chemistry background qualifications. A review sheet for these skills I expect you to know is given here. If you do NOT receive at least 70% on each of these first exams, I highly recommend that you drop the class and sincerely brush up on your lacking skills before taking the course. Especially the math will only get harder and more complex during the course and this will avoid much discouragement and tears later on!

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This course is a practical approach to the study of groundwater with emphasis on water quality, underground flow, pumping, and infiltration / recharge principles in relationship to the geologic environment. The course includes practical methods of laboratory water quality testing, groundwater flow analysis and experimentation, as well as septic system design and evaluation. Since mathematical models are involved, familiarity with graphing and algebraic operations is of essence. A foundational knowledge in geology is prerequisite. Self-guided group fieldtrips are required for this course.

The purpose of this site is to help students obtain the tools necessary to be successful in my classes. Here you will find the class syllabus, the general class content, the Hydrogeology Projects, assessments and downloads to useful links and activities.

Since the class is NOT A CORRESPONDENCE CLASS, you will NOT find in these pages: answers to assignment questions; duplicates of special handouts; postings of my power point lectures; etc. To receive the full benefit, you WILL HAVE TO ATTEND!

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Dr.K’s GEL4250 Hydrogeology course includes a variety of hands-on laboratory and field assignments, which will help you to develop a competitive and marketable skills set.