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Two precursor exams (50pts ea) covering mineral identification of common rock forming minerals in handsample and thinsection will be given during the first week of class. Students who fail any of these two exams are encouraged to drop the course. Click here to download study guide.

Igneous Rocks Module Exam (100pts)

Metamorphic Rocks Module Exam (100pts)

These in-class essay exams consists of 5 essay questions graded each on a 20pt scale. You will lose points for uncertainties, errors, and/or incompleteness as well as spelling and grammar. If math is required, make sure units are present and your mathematical solution shows a step by step approach. Explain any symbols or shorthand that is used. You may use additional pages as needed.



You will need to complete 4 selected labs from the list below (50 pts ea):



Attendance & Student Responses will be tracked using the I-clicker interactive student response system.  The timely purchase of the device is REQUIRED in order to earn participation points (approx. 3.3pts/class session during regular 15 week semester). If you forgot your clicker, you MUST sign a special roll in order to receive at least partial credit for attending class (Lowest score of the day minus 10% of highest score). For absences see attendance policy in the syllabus.

4 UNANNOUNCED RANDOM QUIZZES @ 25pts ea. (100pts)

These short quizzes are usually closed notes/book and are given unannounced at certain intervals.