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This course examines minerals and rocks that make up the Earth’s crust, including their origin, occurrence, and identification. In addition to the recognition of hand specimens, this course utilizes microchemical testing & simple assays, the petrographic microscope and X-ray crystallography to identify minerals and rocks. Furthermore, students will engage in assignments showing their application of acquired mineralogical skills. One or more self guided fieldtrips are essential for these course. One required weekend fieldtrip.

This course involves students in the hands-on preparation and basic interpretation of petrographic thin sections, a valuable training for emerging geoscientists.

Next to state-of-art physical mineral identification with professional geoscience tools owned by the students, this course teaches also the rare skill of field wet chromatography testing for rapid elemental analysis.

Course Description

Thin Sectioning & Optical Mineralogy

Physical & Microchemical Mineral ID

As part of our public outreach and training of future geoscientists in this course, the Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at Metropolitan State University of Denver offers


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FREE Mineral ID Course Introduction Video (required watching by all students enrolled in GEL3050.  Click on graphic or header to watch) Patience... This is a very LARGE WMV file and will take a while to download